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Welcome to Flawless Events

Your Wedding Planner will do everything possible to offer you a serene and complete wedding organization. Flawless Events By Bilitis puts at your disposal a qualified and certified Wedding Planner, a force of audacious proposals and inexhaustible energy!

"Overcoming the unexpected is essential to creating events. I love finding beautiful solutions to inventive challenges. "Bilitis B.

Who is the founder of The Flawless Events agency?

BILITIS B. lives on the French Riviera, in the south of France.

Before graduating and becoming an official Wedding Planner, she studied customer relations and then moved into the social field: Specialized educator, a profession in which she was able to set up and implement many projects. At the same time, Bilitis had been organizing small and large events for several years before making it her profession. She trained at the EFMM by Assocem, a training school for the wedding industry and a union of wedding planners. Thus she was able to benefit from a state-recognized training and diploma in order to become an official wedding planner. Since then, the Wedding Planner is constantly on the lookout and continues to train in order to be as efficient as possible and offer ever more innovative and qualitative services.

Her greatest pleasure? Creating innovative, exciting and challenging event experiences. From non-profit galas to weddings to brand launches; the goal is to deliver seamless and unforgettable events. Bilitis enjoys the relationship she creates with her clients, distilling their ideas into unique celebrations that reflect their goals. She brings a fun, youthful and trendy perspective to every event.

Bilitis love of planning and attention to detail are sure to create the perfect ambiance for your special day. She works tirelessly to ensure that no two events are alike.

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