For many brides and grooms, the current situation means postponing the wedding they have spent months, even years, planning. And with travel bans preventing flights to many foreign countries, destination weddings are also on hold.

Whether you’ve made the decision to move your wedding or have no other choice because of these new bans, we understand that this is an emotionally taxing process, but you can make changes now that will make it easier on you and your guests.

Whether you are days or weeks away from the big day, finalizing a destination wedding etc… you need to prepare (not panic) for changes in your plans, even if the restrictions loosen.  While this pandemic is something new and unprecedented, couples should remember that what is not new for wedding planners is knowing how to implement solid contingency plans.

1. Discuss with your guests what you would like to do on this special day.

For example, you can propose bracelets of two different colors, as well as a tutorial explaining the interest of wearing them. A color that expresses that you are against hugging etc., a color that leaves the opportunity for guests to kiss if they wish.


2.For contractors, make sure they have a mask and all the necessary precautions to provide quality work by protecting themselves and others.

3. If you are having a civil or religious ceremony, check with the establishments for their health protocol and the number of guests allowed. The protocols are different depending on the location.

4. Feel free to offer hydroalcoholic gels, nicely arranged and scattered in many corners of your reception venue, as well as additional disposable masks. You can also offer matching masks to your guests (depending on the color theme). This is a great reusable gift idea this time of year.

5. Plan in advance a list for the group photos to be given to the photographer, especially for people who do not wish to wear the mask on the photos, adapt this moment by imagining configurations that make them feel confident (to be thought about with the photographer)

6. The time of the meal must be adapted to protect each of you. It is preferable to opt for individual portions and to avoid buffets (collective portions). You can also provide goodies to identify the glasses (small clips with names or others…), plan a table plan by favoring groups of people who are used to being together.

7. The dance party, well… the moment that makes you angry because for the moment we are not allowed to dance anymore! I advise you to contact your dj, or the person you had placed at the animation, as well as your place of reception to organize a different animation. For example a movie night, games etc…

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